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China Glass Water Bottle With Infuser
Our History
winwinworld housewares company focus on export the coffee and tea ware products since 2000.Our products have been exported to more than fifty counties, main market is in European and North American. We have built good cooperation relationship with some famous brands, such as STARBUCKS; Stokes, the biggest kitchenware company from Canada and so on. The sales volume in 2015 is more than 5 million U.S. dollars.
Our sales team with more than twenty staff is very professional, work hard, and reaction quickly, some of them have more than ten years work experience in this line. We always insist in providing the best and the fast service with our customers. To control the quality and delivery the goods on time, our professional QC team will follow up the whole production process and strict according to the standard of ISO 9001:2000. At present, most of our products can pass FDA,CE or LFGB test.
Our company founded individual designer team several years ago. It is no problem to develop new products according to customer's requirements. We often develop more than 200 new items every year to meet changing requirement of customers. Some of them were warmly popular in the market. We will apply patents for good selling products.
We always hold the philosophy of win-win, and build long-term cooperation relationship with customers from around the world. We believe that our growth base on customer's success, credit is our life.
Better tea and coffee, better life is everlasting mission aspiring by us. Welcome you join us and dreams come true together.
Our Product
French Press, Coffee Maker, Coffee Mug, Tea Cup, Teapot, Water Bottle Cream Whipper, Thermos Flask
Product Application
Our Certificate
Production Market
North America 43.00%
South America 16.00%
Southeast Asia 14.00%China Glass Water Bottle With Infuser
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