W   E   L   C   O   M   E 

Euromaster Gaming started off as a simple TeamSpeak 3 server between a few friends who enjoyed playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 via TruckersMP on their own Virtual Trucking Company (VTC). As a variety of games were added to each other's collection like Minecraft, EVE Online, League of Legends and many others it dawned on them that they'd need game specific channels. Eventually a gaming licence for their TeamSpeak 3 server was purchased to remove ads and add their own music bot which streams 24hrs to give an ambience to gameplay.


One of the friends had always wanted to write reviews, guides and chat to those who had an interest in the games they played...thus the idea behind Euromaster Gaming was born. We are still evolving, choosing our direction and having eyes wide open for avenues to take.


If you're interested in joining our community then hit the 'Contact Us' button above to email your interest. Maybe you want friends to chat to, join a VTC or just chillout in our music room. Either way we'd be glad to have you on board. We also shall be holding givaways and competitions amongs members. So come and join the fun.